Food Economics Expert in Distribution Systems

Case Description:

A food economics expert with supply chain experience was needed for a breach of contract case. The parties had a marketing and distribution agreement under which the plaintiff bottled and delivered the defendant's beverage products. When the defendant devised a new distribution method for one of its beverage products where product would be delivered to a major retailer's warehouses rather than directly to stores, the plaintiff claimed this violated the existing contract.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a food and beverage economics expert with nonperishable food product supply chain experience, including knowledge of both direct store delivery and warehouse delivery. The expert was asked to opine on a variety of food distribution and supply chain economic issues within the context of the parties' existing distribution agreement and the defendant's proposed new one.

Experts Presented:

  • Economics Expert

    This economist has published on topics including surface freight transportation, corporate pricing and antitrust issues. He is a college economics professor who has also consulted for clients in the food and beverage industry, where his work included cases involving distribution agreements between vendors and bottlers. This food economics expert has a thorough understanding of the economics of distribution systems, both in direct to store door and direct to warehouse models. He has degrees from the Universities of Alabama and Virginia and previous experience as an economics expert witness. IMS Reference #5003479

  • Supply Chain Management Expert

    This food supply chain management expert is a specialist in consumer products distribution strategies who has completed over 200 consulting engagements for manufacturing and distribution clients. This expert helped devise the distribution system for a major beverage supplier. He has been responsible for traffic, delivery fleet, warehousing, purchasing, information systems and mapping economic models for distribution in the food and beverage industry. This food economics expert has previous litigation support experience in matters of food and beverage supply chain economics. IMS Reference #5003551

  • Marketing & Brand Development Expert

    This marketing and brand development expert is founder and CEO of a strategic consulting and research firm for the worldwide beverage industry. His company offers its clients long range strategic planning, including distribution analysis. He has led numerous client engagements involving new growth initiatives, market entry planning, brand development and marketing, domestic and international marketplace assessments, distribution system development, and supply chain economics. For more than 30 years, this food economics expert has been a leading spokesman, consultant, writer, editor and speaker in the beverage distribution community. IMS Reference #5003504

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