Forensic Economics Expert to Evaluate Predatory Pricing Claims

Case Description:

A forensic economics expert was needed to evaluate predatory pricing claims for an antitrust case. The plaintiff lost a contract for a government subsidy program, resulting in their product being removed from some store shelves. The plaintiff claimed the defendant won the contract by engaging in predatory pricing practices and because sales associated with the government subsidy program were such a large portion of the market, it was driven from the market. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant maintained a dominant share of the market and priced their product below the average variable cost, the average marginal cost, and the total average cost.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a forensic economics expert who could evaluate the economic damages caused as a result of any predatory pricing practices.

Experts Presented:

  • Forensic Economics

    This forensic economist is a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. He has worked on cases involving price fixing, property value impacts, and commercial damages. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his numerous contributions to quantitative economic science. He Holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a B.S. degree in physics and is a professor of economics. IMS Reference #1269938

  • Antitrust Economics

    This antitrust economics expert earned a Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard. She has evaluated antitrust claims of predatory pricing, price fixing, monopolization, and exclusionary conduct across a broad range of industries, including consumer products and pharmaceuticals. She also has experience with both creating and critiquing damage models in a variety of contexts for both antitrust and intellectual property cases. IMS Reference #4596374

  • Forensic Economics

    This forensic economics expert has over ten years of experience in the application of economics, accounting, and corporate finance in estimating commercial damages, project valuation, and regulation. He has analyzed markets and valuated damage claims in a large number of industries, including transportation, telecommunications, metals, electricity, consumer products, natural gas, and petroleum. He is the author of more than a dozen articles addressing economic and financial issues that arise in complex commercial litigation. IMS Reference #4627136

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