Franchise Expert in Licensed Dealer Agreements

Case Description:

A franchise expert was needed for a breach of contract case involving a chain of high-end consumer electronics stores. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant misled them in their respective Licensed Dealer Agreements and that they were operating as franchisees of the consumer electronics chain rather than independent retail dealers. The plaintiffs were seeking economic damages on the grounds that the retail concept as defined by their licensed dealer agreement was flawed and the misrepresentations caused significant losses.

IMS ExpertServices sought an expert in business franchises to review the licensed dealer agreements and consult on whether the consumer electronics stores were franchises or independent retail businesses.

Experts Presented:

  • Franchise

    This franchise expert has 50 years of experience in the franchising business and has written two books on franchising. He is experienced in franchise development, market research, organizations and financial analysis, structuring of new franchise programs, legal documentation, and general business consulting. He is a senior member of the International Franchise Association and American Franchisee Association and has been an advisor to the FTC on franchising matters. He has been an expert witness in approximately 80 cases.IMS Reference #4997028

  • Franchise

    This expert in business franchises has over 30 years of experience in franchising during which he successfully guided over 500 companies in most of the 50 states and in 27 countries through the complex task of developing a franchise program. He frequently conducts seminars on franchising for the American Management Association, Small Business Administration, the International Franchise Association, and the International Franchise Expo. This expert has prior expert witness experience, and he has given both deposition and trial testimony. He holds an MBA from Syracuse University.IMS Reference #4997002

  • Franchise

    This franchise specialist has unparalleled experience in the franchise industry. He has been in the franchising business since before there were franchising laws. His abilities have been tested in the many executive positions he's held in both national and international franchise organizations. He has first-hand experience as a franchisor himself and has been involved in the sale of over 500 franchises. He has advised an array of businesses in the franchise process including: fast food, real estate, personal services, automotive outlets, and retail stores to name a few.IMS Reference #5002307

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