Fraud Investigation Expert for Wireless Telecommunications Dispute

Case Description:

A fraud investigation expert was needed to review claims in an adversarial proceeding filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. The plaintiff, a telemarketing company, operated a call center and had a service agreement with the defendant, a wireless telecommunications provider, to sell cellular equipment and wireless services. The wireless telecommunications provider notified the telemarketing company that it had allegedly suffered damages in excess of $5 million as a result of fraudulent activities by the plaintiff's employees.

As a result, the wireless telecommunications provider refused to pay the telemarketing company over $2.2 million for services rendered under a fraud prevention provision in their service agreement. The plaintiff maintained that the wireless provider’s failure to pay invoices caused the telemarketing company to cease operations, go out of business, and ultimately to file bankruptcy. IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a fraud investigation expert who could review records and consult on possible fraudulent activities and associated losses.

Experts Presented:

  • Fraud Investigation

    This fraud investigation expert's particular expertise is in understanding the complex relationships and processes within the telecommunications industry. He has extensive experience in billing and revenue assurance and has performed audits to verify inter-company billings and actions. One of his primary consulting projects was to assist in the selection and implementation of an enterprise fraud detection operation. He can assist in understanding the processes that would have allowed the alleged situation to occur as well as look at the controls or lack thereof by the telecommunications company. He can look at the accounts in question and ascertain whether they were subscription fraud versus cloning or technical fraud. IMS Reference #4332793

  • Fraud Investigation

    This fraud investigation expert developed, implemented and managed loss prevention and revenue assurance programs for some of the biggest companies in the telecommunications industry. After a 23-year career in municipal and federal law enforcement, he established, directed, and delivered crime prevention consulting and training services to the financial, insurance, securities and transportation industries, including compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001. He established a team of engineers to create a prototype airline traveler-prescreening program for transportation security. IMS Reference #43769

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