Frostbite Expert

Case Description:

A practicing physician with clinical and academic expertise in frostbite was needed in a dispute involving labor and employment standards & practices in connection with a leading provider of food product transportation and logistics in connection with food distribution.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a practicing clinical physician, with expertise in the treatment of frostbite, to review and opine whether industry standards & practices regarding safety and training were provided for employees working in a specialized environment of sub-zero temperatures in connection with food distribution services.

Experts Presented:

  • Frostbite and Emergency Medicine Expert

    With over twenty years of experience in emergency medical services, this physician is one of the world’s leading experts in frostbite and emergency medicine, with extensive academic and clinical experience in frostbite injury, treatment, and clinical management. This expert lectures widely on wilderness medicine and outdoor health topics, having recently served on a consensus panel of a major medical society which published recommendations regarding frostbite treatment. This expert is currently a professor for a prominent U.S. university’s division of emergency medicine, and has published two definitive textbooks on the topics of outdoor and wilderness medicine. IMS Reference 5085728.

  • Hypothermia and Wilderness Medicine Expert

    This board certified emergency medicine physician has authored or co-authored over fifty published works on wilderness and outdoor medicine, including numerous works associated with frostbite medical treatment and cold weather hazards. He currently serves as a state’s EMS medical director and practices emergency medicine at a prominent medical center located in one of the coldest regions in the northwest continental U.S., where he commonly treats cases of frostbite. Additionally, this expert is a clinical associate professor in the division of emergency medicine for a prominent U.S. university and has more than two decades of experience in emergency medicine, specializing in high altitude medicine, frostbite, and hypothermia. IMS Reference 5085599


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