Generator Design Expert in Hydroelectric Power Systems

Case Description:

A generator design expert with mechanical engineering expertise was requested for a case involving forensic failure analysis of generators at a hydroelectric power plant. The case revolved around the generator design and a resultant failure of multiple hydroelectric generators due to mechanical problems resutling in extensive damages for the operator of the hydroelectic power plant.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a generator design expert with extensive experience in the design engineering of hydroelectric generators. The client sought an expert with significant mechanical engineering expertise capable of diagnosing operating problems and performing a forensic failure analysis. The expert was expected to be knowledgeable of the mechanical engineering issues associated with the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric power plants and hydroelectric dams.

Experts Presented:

  • Generator Design

    This generator design expert acquired extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and service of large central station generators of all types during his long career with Westinghouse Electric. He has conducted detailed mechanical analysis of hydro generators. He has thirty years of experience and training in engineering management and has performed forensic failure analysis and resolution of numerous major service issues including structural distress, rotor vibration, thrust and journal bearing failures, major fires and flooding. His experience includes the technical direction and management of the design, manufacture, and installation of over ninety hydro generator projects at both domestic and foreign installations. IMS Reference #4974185

  • Hydroelectric Power

    A large portion of the work of this generator design expert is the maintenance review of large hydroelectric power plants and hydroelectric dams. He was employed by Siemens Energy in hydro generator engineering and was responsible for the mechanical engineering and design of some of the world's largest hydroelectric generators. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has previously worked as an expert witness including having given deposition four times. IMS Reference #4971830

  • Electrical Power Systems

    This electrical power systems expert has over forty-five years experience in the engineering design and management of large rotating electrical equipment including hydroelectric and turbine generators, exciters and motors. He was employed with Westinghouse for over two decades where he was involved in mechanical engineering of large hydroelectric power systems. He is currently a consultant to electric utilities on electric power generation equipment and large electric motors including auxiliary systems. This expert holds an advanced degree in mechanical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. IMS Reference #4367309

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