Generic Pharmaceutical Expert in Supply Agreements

Case Description:

A generic pharmaceutical expert was needed for an arbitration hearing regarding the terms of a supply agreement. The parties entered into a licensing and development agreement stipulating that the claimant would manufacture API, or active pharmaceutical ingredients, and finished dose generic pharmaceutical products, and the defendant would market them. They were to negotiate a separate commercially reasonable supply agreement covering the claimant's manufacturing activities and containing terms and conditions typical to such agreements in the pharmaceutical industry. When the parties couldn't agree on terms for the supply agreement, an American Arbitration Association panel was called to review the two proposed versions.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in the generic pharmaceutical business with substantial experience in product development, licensing, and supply agreements for generic pharmaceuticals.

Experts Presented:

  • Pharmaceutical Development

    This pharmaceutical development expert currently works for a biosciences company in an executive management position. He is responsible for the team that develops APIs for generic pharmaceuticals and brings them to market. Previously he served as vice president of business development for a different pharmaceutical company. There his duties included product licensing, acquisitions, and structuring of international development and supply agreements. This expert hold a bachelor's degree in pharmacology and a master's in business economics.IMS Reference #4994062

  • Pharmaceutical Litigation Support

    This expert in pharmaceutical litigation support serves as in-house counsel for a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets both generic and proprietary pharmaceuticals. He handles licensing, development, and supply agreements as well as patent matters. This expert's areas of particular expertise include generic pharmaceuticals that have one or more barriers to entry and generic pharmaceuticals for which his employer has challenged brand pharmaceuticals with invalid or unenforceable patents.IMS Reference #4993946

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