Healthcare Industry Expert in Pharmaceutical Drug Pricing

Case Description:

A healthcare industry expert with knowledge of pharmaceutical drug pricing practices was needed for a class action suit. Plaintiffs filed suit against the defendant, a pharmaceutical company, claiming the defendants committed fraud and violated RICO Laws by artificially inflating the wholesale price of a prescription drug and by creating financial incentives for doctors to prescribe its drug, thereby manipulating market share.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a healthcare industry expert with knowledge of drug pricing practices who could opine on regulation in the healthcare industry, its drug pricing system, and competition. Knowledge of drug pricing, and how various insurance companies and their differing plans reimburse for drugs, was also desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Healthcare Industry

    This healthcare industry expert directs a federal office that works to expand access to quality healthcare through grants to state and local governments, healthcare providers, and healthcare professional training programs. She has overseen compliance programs designed to reduce fraud and prevent abuse in the healthcare industry. Her areas of expertise include regulations and compliance in the hospital industry, third party drug billing companies, coordinated insurance plans, and other segments of the healthcare industry. She is a former administrator with the Department of Health and Human Services working directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers. IMS Reference #3920227

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Pricing

    This pharmaceutical drug pricing expert is an economist who works for a firm that participates in antitrust and regulatory matters, performing research and offering litigation support. He has significant experience in healthcare industry matters, including wholesale and retail drug pricing issues. He has offered his expert consulting services on healthcare industry matters involving allegations of restraint of trade and monopolization. This expert has a master's degree from the University of Virginia. IMS Reference #3919874

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