Hedging Strategy Expert in Diversification

Case Description:

A hedging strategy expert in diversification was needed for arbitration alleging breaches of contract and fiduciary duty. Claimant was an investor who held a large share of a single stock. Over time, the value of the stock declined significantly. Claimant alleged the respondent, a securities brokerage business, failed to offer advice on diversification or to implement risk management strategies such as stop loss and limit orders, protective puts, or collars, which could have protected the claimant’s investment.

Our client sought an expert in hedging strategies knowledgeable about collateral, collars, and options strategies in general for hedging a concentrated stock portfolio, and diversification strategies for the stock portfolios of senior executives.

Experts Presented:

  • Derivatives Trading Expert

    This expert in hedging strategies and diversification is a widely respected financial analyst and strategist with over 3 decades of experience. He’s managing partner of a financial consulting practice that offers derivatives valuation and modeling, review of risk management policies and practices, assessment of hedge effectiveness, education and training, and expert witness testimony. He’s published and lectured extensively on hedging strategies and documentation, diversification and other risk management strategies, and other topics. This expert has previous litigation consultant experience, including trial testimony. IMS Reference #1214184

  • Hedge Fund Trading Expert

    This hedge fund expert is a full time professor at a prominent business school where he teaches on Global Market Economics and Investment Strategy, Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics. He spent more than ten years in industry as investment officer, financial analyst, financial economist and quantitative analyst. After moving to academia, he has spent ten additional years doing research work in equity securities, mutual fund and hedge fund trading. This expert is a prolific writer who’s written on risk management , transparency, and regulation and been quoted frequently in the media on hedge fund topics. He’s been deposed as a hedge fund expert witness. IMS Reference #5012166

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