HELOC Expert in Loan Servicing

Case Description:

A HELOC loan expert was sought for an arbitration hearing addressing issues of standard of care for loan servicing. Plaintiff purchased majority interest in certain home equity line of credit loans, known as HELOC loans, from the defendant. As the defendant held legal title for the loans as trustee, defendant was required to provide loan servicing of the loans consistent with industry standards. Plaintiff alleged defendant failed to exercise the degree of care legally required of a trustee and failed to administer and provide loan servicing within commonly recognized industry standards.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate HELOC loan experts with knowledge of banking industry standards of care in loan servicing. The expert was needed to review documents and opine on the protocols used for loan servicing according to banking industry standards for loan processing and servicing.

Experts Presented:

  • Mortgage Banking Expert

    With more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry, this mortgage lending expert has extensive experience in loan servicing and HELOC loans. She’s held executive positions in originating, underwriting, loan service, compliance and regulatory departments. Currently she works as a consultant to the financial services industry performing audits and advising on issues of industry standards and regulatory compliance. A frequent speaker on regulatory issues at conferences and seminars, she is also a seasoned expert witness with prior expert witness testimony experience.IMS Reference #1216165

  • Mortgage Banking Expert

    This mortgage lending expert is well qualified as a HELOC loan expert and is an internationally known expert on lending. He has been working with financial institutions for over thirty years. Through his consulting firm, this expert provides strategic planning and consumer lending training to financial institutions, including training on unique aspects of HELOC loans. His expertise in industry standards for loan processing and loan servicing has been established over 20 years of training federal and state bank and credit union examiners. Additionally, he is an attorney with extensive experience in expert witness testimony.IMS Reference #4978328

  • Mortgage Banking Expert

    An attorney with more than 40 years of mortgage banking industry experience, this expert in HELOC loan servicing brings a unique combination of banking industry knowledge and legal expertise to his consulting practice. He’s held executive positions with several financial services industry giants. He has extensive expert witness testimony experience in both state and federal court on a variety of mortgage banking topics including mortgage loan servicing standards and accepted industry understandings for lending terms.IMS Reference #5002394

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