HTML/XML Expert in Mobile Device Programming

Case Description:

An HTML/XML expert in mobile device programming was needed for a patent infringement suit involving information technology related to viewing and manipulating information displayed on mobile devices. A major U.S. company involved in providing technology for organizing and browsing information on the web was claimed to be infringing on patents related to display and navigation of websites via touch screens used in certain mobile devices.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a HTML/XML expert in mobile device programming with expertise in how websites and mobile browsers display internet content. This expert was requested to have hands-on experience in markup programming languages, particularly HTML, XML, XHTML and MTML5. This expert was also asked to have experience with state-of-the-art web programming and familiarity with web standards development, specifications, and technical standards for the industry.

Experts Presented:

  • Information Retrieval

    With more than two decades of experience in software development, design, and research, this expert has a thorough understanding of and experience with markup language programming including HTML, XML, XHTML, and HTMLS. He currently serves as a consultant, specializing in search systems, information analytics, user interface design, semantic and knowledge information management technologies, and intellectual property analysis. Previously, this expert served as an assistant professor at a major university, where he taught courses in information architecture, interaction design, and human-computer interaction. He previously served in an executive director position for a company specializing in personalized information retrieval applications. He has authored a patent for interfaces and systems that display content in a variety of mobile devices and networked environments. He holds a B.A. in general studies with an emphasis on computer and cognitive science, an M.S. in information, design & technology, and a Ph.D. in information studies. IMS Reference #5017051


    This expert has over twenty-five years of experience in planning, developing, and executing technology strategies by utilizing emerging technology. His expertise includes development experience involving markup languages such as HTML, XML, HTMS, and XHTML. He has significant experience in mobile devices, mobile applications, management, and configuration, including experience involving mobile devices which deliver web services and engage in data collection, and the customization of websites to work within a mobile browser. He currently serves as chief technology officer with a company involved in mobile device software design and software development including network & internet applications, and configuration. This expert has served as a consultant to a number of major U.S. corporations and assisted international manufacturers in porting mobile applications. He holds a B.S in computer science. IMS Reference #5108514

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