Incentive Compensation Expert for Shareholder Derivative Suit

Case Description:

An incentive compensation expert was needed for a shareholder derivative suit. The plaintiff was a shareholder in a medical technology company who alleged that the CEO was overcompensated during a period lasting several years. Plaintiff further alleged that the Board of Directors issued a false and misleading proxy statement to shareholders soliciting support for an amendment to the management incentive plan that determined the CEO's compensation.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an incentive compensation expert with experience evaluating executive compensation and management incentive plans. The desired expert would be familiar with incentive compensation practices in the medical technology industry and for small cap public companies. Experience reviewing compensation practices in the middle Atlantic region was also desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Executive Compensation

    This executive compensation expert has 40 years of experience in the compensation and human resource arenas in the middle Atlantic region. He's held executive positions with several major accounting and benefit firms directing their executive compensation consulting practices. Areas of expertise include incentive bonus plans, performance management systems, sales compensation, and salary administration. This expert's employers and compensation consulting clients have included companies from a wide array of industries including several health services and technology firms. He is an experienced expert witness who has qualified as a compensation expert in state and federal courts.IMS Reference #1216153

  • Executive Compensation

    This incentive compensation expert is founder and CEO of a compensation consulting firm and heads the company's international executive consultation practice. His expertise is in linking incentive compensation programs directly to business objectives. He is recognized as an industry leader on strategic total compensation and similar topics and is frequently quoted by the media on issues of executive pay and executive performance. This expert has examined incentive compensation practices across a wide array of industries and company models.IMS Reference #4977490

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