Indenture Trustee Expert in Forensic Banking

Case Description:

An indenture trustee expert in forensic banking was needed for a professional malpractice case in the securities industry. The plaintiffs were investors who had purchased municipal bonds. The defendant was a national banking association that served as the trustee for the indentured bond issue. When the bonds went into default, plaintiffs alleged that the defendant did not properly fulfill its duty, as indenture trustee, to maximize recovery of monies and disburse them to the bond holders after the bonds went into default.

IMS ExpertServices was charged with locating indenture trustee experts who had experience performing forensic banking, specifically forensic analysis involving indentured bonds. The desired expert would have experience working in the trust division of a major bank with specific work in the administration of bond defaults and with forensic banking consulting experience.

Experts Presented:

  • Corporate Trust

    This corporate trust expert has more than 30 years of banking experience, including serving as CEO and COO of several regional and NYSE-listed financial institutions. He has an extensive regulatory background that includes examination of corporate trust and indenture trustee functions. He reviewed defaulted bonds during his employment as a bank examiner for the Federal Reserve. This expert has run both private and commercial trust departments. His forensic banking expertise has been utilized in capital restructuring programs and in negotiating enforcement actions. He has previous experience as an expert witness consultant.IMS Reference #4993935

  • Forensic Banking

    This forensic banking expert has served as president and CEO of several banking institutions. A certified fraud examiner and former mortgage banker, he is known for his problem solving and forensic skills. This expert has acted as a management consultant in banking operations, corporate trust services, indenture trust requirements, and fraud review. He is president of a forensic banking consulting firm that offers forensic investigations, litigation consulting, trust analysis, merger and acquisition action plans, regulatory consulting, and other services. He is an experienced expert witness.IMS Reference #4993764

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