Industrial Design Expert in Patent Reexamination

Case Description:

An industrial design expert with patent reexamination knowledge was sought to consult on patents before the USPTO. At issue were six patents with very similar claims for a device for mounting flat-screen electronics. Specifically, the patents addressed the mechanical aspects of an adjustable extension arm.

IMS Expert Services was asked to locate an expert in industrial design with a mechanical engineering background to perform a forensic analysis of an adjustable arm for mounting electronic peripheral devices. The expert also needed to have product design experience and experience working with the USPTO, preferably in the patent reexamination process.

Experts Presented:

  • Mechanical Engineering

    This industrial design expert presides over a full service product design company that manages between 50 and 70 product and equipment development projects each year. Previously he served as manufacturing engineer and engineering and model shop manager with other organizations. This expert has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and belongs to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group, and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, or SME. He has previous experience serving as an expert witness working on patent reexamination matters before the USPTO.IMS Reference #4974543

  • Industrial Design Engineering

    This expert in industrial design earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Design. He won a prestigious IDEA National Award from the Industrial Design Society of America, or IDSA, of which he has been a member for three decades. This expert has been granted eleven U.S. patents covering mechanical inventions, wireless networking products, and ornamental designs. As a consultant, this expert has coordinated and managed the engineering and design activities for more than 175 successful projects.IMS Reference #4974544

  • Industrial Design Engineering

    This industrial design expert specializes in display technology and integration. He is president of a company that offers consulting services for the integration of commercial display components into customer specified products. Previously he served as principal industrial design engineer at a company that offered flat panel display integration and technology application for peripheral aviation and automotive devices. This widely published expert has a B.A. in physics and a B.S. in mechanical engineering.IMS Reference #5011766

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