Industrial Hygiene Expert in Materials Science

Case Description:

An industrial hygiene expert was requested for a product liability case involving industrial hygiene aspects of dental manufacturing. The plaintiff worked in the dental appliance manufacturing industry and claimed beryllium exposure in the workplace was the cause of his terminal illness. Beryllium is added to some base metal alloys for use in crowns, bridges and partial denture frameworks. Exposure to beryllium vapor or particles is associated with a number of diseases.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an expert in industrial hygiene and environmental health with a knowledge of materials science related to dental manufacturing. The expert was needed to consult on adequate industrial hygiene practices to prevent airborne toxin exposure to beryllium particles during the manufacture of dental appliances.

Experts Presented:

  • Materials Science

    This materials science expert has more than 25 years of experience in industrial hygiene. He is familiar with the hazards encountered by employees of the dental manufacturing industry producing appliances for dentists and their patients. He is a deeply experienced in toxic materials including beryllium and alloys. He is also an experienced expert witness who works for both plaintiff and defense teams to investigate case issues and present technical information and opinions. IMS Reference #4995997

  • Environmental Health

    This expert in environmental health and industrial hygiene has had a long career in dental biomaterials. For over 20 years he has been involved in the research and evaluation of environmental health risks associated with dental manufacturing materials. He has performed all routine dental laboratory procedures associated with the manufacturing of dental appliances and has performed a wide variety of research measurements related to the evaluation of these materials. His research into materials science and dental technologies has been featured in many industry publications. IMS Reference #3970328

  • Biomaterials Research

    This industrial hygiene expert has dedicated his life to biomaterials research. Throughout his academic career he has been recognized for his leadership role in clinical research and biomaterials scientific testing which has had a great impact on industrial hygiene practices for the dental manufacturing industry. He established a clinical research program in Operative Dentistry and Biomaterials and helped to develop a major laboratory research program for biomaterials testing. His research and practical experience give him invaluable insight into the relevant materials science issues and the dangers of beryllium exposure. IMS Reference #5012058

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