Input Device Expert in Analog Electronics

Case Description:

An input device expert with analog electronics experience was needed for a patent infringement case. The plaintiff alleged the defendant infringed its patents covering a variety of game controller input devices including analog sensors, tactile feedback and vibration mechanisms.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an input device expert knowledgeable about analog electronics and specifically the design and operation of variable pressure sensors used with keyboards and other input controls for gaming systems. The ideal candidate would be an electronic engineering expert witness from academia or industry who could provide information on the history of computer input devices and assist with prior art research.

Experts Presented:

  • Human Computer Interface

    This human computer interface expert has more than 25 years of experience in human computer interface technologies. He founded a company that offers input device software and engineering services to manufacturers around the world. His company maintains a large technical library and a collection of input devices dating back to the 1980's. This expert was part of the committee that created the USB human interface device standard (HID) a user interface protocol that includes support for keyboards, pointing devices, game controllers, and other input devices. He is a recognized expert in HID device design who has served as an expert witness on patent infringement matters. IMS Reference #5010341

  • Analog Electronics

    This analog electronics expert has over 12 years of analog electronics experience. He is an engineering team leader at a firm that offers automated test equipment, precise measurement systems, and engineering information management to Fortune 500 customers. This electronic engineer was a team leader for final testing on one of the major new video gaming systems released in the past decade. He led the testing effort for the electronics hardware including a multi-directional pad, multiple pressure sensitive analog buttons, and other input devices. He's designed R&D test systems, production test systems, and 3rd party certification systems for game controllers. IMS Reference #5010373

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