Interferometry Expert in CMP Process

Case Description:

An interferometry expert was requested for patent infringement litigation involving end point detection of the chemical mechanical polishing process. The patent asserted technology for using interferometry in optical metrology, allowing for precision in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

IMS ExpertServices sought interferometry experts with specific engineering experience in chemical mechanical polishing. The expert was needed to explain the role of interferometry and optical metrology in the CMP process in expert testimony. Specifically, an expert was needed who could communicate the importance of interferometry to end point detection.

Experts Presented:

  • Semiconductor Technology

    This interferometry expert is one of the leading experts in the world in the area of chemical mechanical planarization technology. His background includes over a decade of research with specific emphasis on silicon based electronics and wide band gap semiconductors. He has given over twenty invited talks and lectures regarding CMP processes and speaks easily on the role of interferometry. A professor of materials science, he is a fellow of the American Society of Materials International (ASM) and The Electrochemical Society. IMS Reference #5000836

  • CMP Technology

    This interferometry expert has an extensive background in semiconductor equipment and processes. He has broad-based experience as a process engineer for various CMP technologies, as well as having authored and co-authored numerous papers and articles involving CMP technology issues. As an expert witness, he has served as a litigation consultant in matters involving interferometry, optical metrology, and chemical mechanical planarization projects. While his educational background is in electronics engineering, most of his experience comes from working hands-on with CMP technology and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. IMS Reference #5004865

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