International Oil Procurement Expert for Arbitration involving Joint Operating Agreement

Case Description:

An international oil procurement expert was requested for arbitration in a breach of contract case between a large petroleum company and the state-run petroleum company of a small South American country. In the arbitration, the claimant sought to enforce their contractual right of indemnification against the state-owned oil company pursuant to a Joint Operating Agreement or JOA governing oil exploration and production in a portion of the rainforest. Once the petroleum giant, through its subsidiary, had concluded operating, the subsidiary conducted environmental remediation in areas in which it had operated and, in exchange, was released from past, current, or future claims arising out of its operations, including claims for environmental remediation.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to perform an international oil procurement expert witness search for an expert who was knowledgeable about oil concessions and joint operating agreements in the oil and gas industry. The client specifically requested an oil industry expert with experience in the exploring, drilling and extracting of oil from a foreign country.

Experts Presented:

  • Oil & Gas Industry

    This international oil procurement expert has extensive experience in business development activities, having worked over nineteen years with several premier independent oil and gas companies. His areas of experience in this environment include dealing with multinational corporations, various U.S. and foreign government agencies and ministries, opposing counsels, co-venturers, insurers and financial institutions. This expert's legal experience during this time included joint operating agreements, oil and gas exploration concessions, natural gas, oil, processing plant agreements, joint bidding agreements, acquisitions, divestitures and mergers. He received his Juris Doctorate and was sworn in as a member of the State Bar of Texas. IMS Reference #4989453

  • International Petroleum

    This international oil procurement expert is active in international petroleum and affairs in several capacities. As president of his wholly-owned company, he coordinates world reporting on energy laws and contracts in all countries of the world. He has written hundreds of articles on international petroleum including a book series which later became a magazine and a number of books on the international oil industry. He has previously performed expert witness consulting with specific regard to oil and gas affairs. IMS Reference #4988960

  • International Energy Industry

    This international oil procurement expert has over 25 years of law practice with a focus on the international energy industry including matters such as Host Government Contracts (such as PSCs); petroleum legislation and regulations; foreign investment laws; bilateral investment treaties and multi-lateral arbitral enforcement treaties; international JOAs; transfers of interest; gas contracts; cross-border (international) unitization; and other international energy matters. His clients have included some of the largest integrated international energy companies. He has been called upon to serve as an arbitrator and regularly acts as an expert witness in connection with international arbitration and court proceedings regarding international petroleum contract matters. IMS Reference #4989966

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