Internet Marketing Expert in Search Engine Optimization

Case Description:

An internet marketing expert in search engine optimization was sought for a case alleging professional negligence and misrepresentation of assets. The technology involved was an internet marketing web application that provided interlinking of websites and manipulation of meta tag information for search engine optimization in e-commerce websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving internet traffic to a website by increasing the website’s prominence with the search engine’s search results. A search engine results page, or SERP, is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query and a vital indicator in internet marketing.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an internet marketing expert who understood the algorithms employed by search engines to return search results and could explain the value of search engine optimization to e-commerce websites. Additionally, the expert was expected to explain, in terms of valuation, the internet marketing benefits of interlinking between websites, meta tag information, and keywords.

Experts Presented:

  • Internet Marketing

    This internet marketing expert is the founder and president of a company operating high-traffic websites and providing targeted online marketing services including domain name selection and valuation and search engine optimization and positioning. His company developed a methodology for appraising domain names and consults with e-commerce website owners on positioning within search engine results pages (SERP). He also teaches a course internet marketing and e-commerce for the Wharton School of Business. IMS Reference #2199879

  • Search Engine Optimization

    This search engine optimization expert is a pioneer in the field of e-commerce. He is considered an industry expert in the field of SEO and regularly educates his clients on the benefits of interlinking between websites, meta tag information, and keywords. He helped establish and consulted on the development of some early e-commerce websites. He currently works as an advisor on internet marketing and internet strategy. While he has no previous expert witness experience he can easily speak on business valuation of e-commerce websites. IMS Reference #1181879

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