Internet Security Expert in Emailing Service

Case Description:

An Internet data security expert was needed in a breach-of-contract case. Plaintiff was a digital marketing technology provider of emailing services. After defendant enlisted plaintiff’s services in the mid 2000’s, plaintiff experienced an unauthorized data breach by an unknown third party.

Plaintiff notified all of its clients of the breach, but defendant did not notify its own customers. Defendant continued to use plaintiff’s services for several more months, but defendant refused to pay for services for that time. Defendant alleged damages of several million dollars, citing the fact that the breach resulted in the diminution of the value of their email list of customers.
IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an Internet data security expert with significant industry experience in data security concepts and practices. The expert was expected to opine on the evolution in the sophistication of data breaches since the early 2000’s. Additionally, the expert needed to be able to consult on the nature of cybersecurity measures and on the nature of hacker culture.

Experts Presented:

  • Internet Security

    This Internet security expert is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He is the founder and president of an information assurance consulting firm. His company was established to study Internet security problems and develop needed solutions. He helped develop the technical infrastructure for some of the earliest e-commerce websites and taught companies how to use technology, such as network firewalls and cryptography, to protect data and their users. He has examined the Internet infrastructure and how systems used for online banking, navigation, and advertising can put consumers at risk. He is an experienced expert witness, having testified in deposition and at trial.  IMS Reference #5004939

  • Internet Content Filtering

    With over 20 years of experience, this Internet content filtering expert is the Founder and Principal of a security consulting firm. He is the Founder and Principal of a security consulting firm. His experience includes installing and administering Internet content filtering technologies in K through 12 educational environments, both as an IT manager as well as a consultant. He also has administered Internet content filtering technologies in corporate environments. He has held positions in major technology companies and has information security experience at a county police department.  IMS Reference #5059924

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