Inventory Management Expert in Contract Manufacturing

Case Description:

An inventory management expert was needed for a breach of contract suit. The plaintiff was an electronics contract manufacturer specializing in semiconductor applications for the computing, automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, networking, and communications industries. The defendant was an internet security device manufacturer who contracted with the plaintiff. From 1999 to 2001, semiconductor sales were very high. Near the end of 2001 demand dropped off and the contract manufacturer was left with a tremendous amount of excess inventory that had been procured to build the defendant's products. At issue in this case was who was responsible for the excess inventory.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate inventory management experts who have professional experience in materials management with knowledge of standards and practices in the electronic contract manufacturing industry. The experts would be asked to perform a review of a large number of documents and prepare a report.

Experts Presented:

  • Electronics Factory Management Expert

    This inventory management expert has over twenty five years of electronics manufacturing experience. He is the president of a consulting firm specializing in electronics factory management. He is an industry expert with an understanding of assembly processes and equipment, logistics, implications of outsourcing strategies and their deployment, OEM and contract manufacturer relationship, and management of electronics assembly operations. This expert has served as an expert witness in cases involving Apple, Compaq, Samsung and many others. IMS Reference # 2039492

  • Inventory Management Expert

    This inventory management expert has twenty-two years of experience in materials management, outsourcing, and purchasing within a manufacturing environment. He has been a key constituent in developing, negotiating, and implementing cost base strategies resulting in a forty percent cost savings annually. He actuated standards and practices in inventory management for supplier selection and quarterly pricing across multiple business units. His responsibilities included negotiation and renewal for global CEM contracts. As Director of Manufacturing Operations he served as functional head of manufacturing. He was responsible for all aspects of manufacturing operations, including sub-contract supply chain management, inventory and order fulfillment. IMS Reference # 2201212

  • Contract Manufacturing Expert

    This contract manufacturing expert has fourteen years experience in contracts, contract management, and contract manufacturing. His inventory management proficiencies include computing, consumer electronics, biotech and medical equipment, automotive, R&D, communications, and contract manufacturing. He is a leader in international operations and supply chain management with emphasis in organizational leadership, negotiations, purchasing and contract manufacturing at corporate, business unit, or division level. He holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree, is a Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM), and has a BA in International Business Management. IMS Reference # 2037180

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