Investment Banking Expert in First Loss Risk

Case Description:

An investment banking expert with knowledge of first loss risk in the mortgage backed securities market was needed for a copyright infringement case. The plaintiff was a financial services company that developed an insurance product designed to mitigate the first loss risk associated with mortgage backed securities through loan pool aggregation. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant, a provider of insurance products, infringed on plaintiff's copyrighted product in its own first loss risk layoff device.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a Wall Street investment banker who understood mortgage backed security structuring, mechanisms for laying off first risk through multifamily mortgage pools, and first loss insurance. The expert was asked to analyze and opine on the parties' risk layoff devices.

Experts Presented:

  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations Expert

    This collateralized mortgage obligations expert is a financial derivatives consultant, investment banker, and structured finance expert who has extensive trading and analysis experience in mortgage backed securities. She spent over seventeen years in the mortgage trading and research departments at top brokerage and investment firms and is the author of numerous book chapters and articles on collateralized mortgage obligations and mortgage backed securities. This expert is an experienced expert witness, having been deposed many times and having provided arbitration and trial testimony four times. IMS Reference #1214154

  • Mortgage Backed Securities Expert

    This collateralized mortgage obligations expert has more than ten years of experience in product development and valuation of mortgage backed securities. He has extensive experience in the investment banking industry working directly with asset backed securities including pension funds and insurance products. This expert has developed analytical tools including prepayment and option-adjusted spread models for fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages. He produced a proprietary tool used by insurance regulators to assess the risk of collateralized mortgage obligation portfolios, and is the author of numerous articles and books on securitization and mortgage backed securities topics. IMS Reference #1214149

  • Investment Banking Expert

    This investment banking expert is a Wall Street veteran with more than 30 years of experience managing fixed income securities products. His specializations include asset backed securities, mortgage backed securities, and callable agency securities. He has participated in the mortgage backed securities market since its inception, moving from trader to product manager. He oversaw the structured portfolio group at an investment banking firm where he analyzed fixed income portfolios for a variety of clients. He has written and lectured on mortgage backed securities and asset securitization topics. This expert has assisted clients with managing first loss risk and other risks associated with fixed income securities. He is respected by a generation of analysts, traders and bankers. IMS Reference #1214147

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