Investment Expert in Securities Lending

Case Description:

An investment expert in securities lending was needed for a breach of contract suit involving breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, and civil theft. A medical foundation filed suit against a nationally known financial services corporation claiming that their collateral investments had lost substantial value. As a result, plaintiffs demanded that they be made whole and released from the securities lending program. The defendants refused. Plaintiffs alleged that the defendant agreed, as part of a securities lending program, to invest cash collateral in safe, highly-liquid money market-type investments. Instead, plaintiffs claimed defendant invested the collateral in highly risky investments which lost much of their value and violated investment guidelines as well as its contractual obligation.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate an investment expert experienced in structured investment vehicles (SIV), asset backed securities (ABS), corporate bonds, and specifically mortgage backed securities (MBS). The expert needed to be qualified to teach a jury about what securities lending is, how it works, the risks and the concept of net asset value (NAV).

Experts Presented:

  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations

    This investment expert is a financial derivatives consultant, investment banker, and finance expert with extensive trading and analysis experience in mortgage backed securities. She has over 17 years in mortgage trading and research. She is the author of numerous chapters and articles on collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) and mortgage backed securities and writes reports to investors on market performance. With expertise in structuring, valuation, and analysis of all fixed income securities including prime, sub-prime, and Alt-A mortgages, she has also worked as a bond trader and reviews bond portfolios for risk assessment. She is an experienced expert witness, having offered deposition, arbitration and trial testimony on 20 cases.IMS Reference #1214154

  • Mortgage Backed Securities

    This mortgage expert has 20 years experience in mortgage backed securities, analyzing sub-prime and Alt-A mortgages and securities. His primary areas of focus are mortgage collateral analytical models, including the review of mortgage loan and borrower characteristics and mortgage loan files and structures. He has vast experience developing asset backed securities models relating to credit structures, cash flow analysis and pricing. He has 12 years background evaluating the credit risks associated with mortgage and asset backed securities transactions including real estate and economic trends. This expert has provided on-site diligence of law firms, rating agencies, and investment firms and developed litigation strategies for breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation in connection with distressed securities.IMS Reference #5034049

  • Securities

    This securities expert is a specialist in the organization and performance of securities markets and a consultant on matters involving securities lending, financial institutions, and market regulation. She has a Ph.D. in financial economics. She spent a decade in Washington, D.C. as a public servant holding the position of Chief Economist for government agencies where her efforts were directed at economic issues in securities law enforcement, at policy issues in corporate finance, market regulation, and mutual funds. She has taught finance at prestigious universities. She has served as an expert witness offering deposition numerous times and giving testimony at trial.IMS Reference #2679376

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