Ion Exchange Resins Expert in Decontamination

Case Description:

An ion exchange resins expert was needed for trade secrets litigation involving technology for water decontamination in nuclear reactors. At issue were trade secrets regarding the formula and manufacturing process of ion exchange resins. The defendant was a manufacturer for the energy and environmental industries, producing water decontamination and purification systems for power plants and waste recycling plants; specifically, ion exchange resins and performance chemicals.

Our client contacted IMS ExpertServices to locate an expert in ion exchange resins to examine the competing products and consult on the likelihood of trade secret misappropriation. The expert was required to have extensive knowledge of chemical cleaning and decontamination processes. Additionally, knowledge of organic chemistry, chemical engineering, and polymers was preferred.

Experts Presented:

  • Radiochemistry Expert

    This radiochemistry expert focuses his research on the migration of radiocontaminants and has worked extensively with ion exchange resins. Primarily, he develops methods to gauge and improve the effectiveness of ion exchange resins in removing and retaining radiocontaminants from heavy water. He has been widely published in industry publications regarding water decontamination, groundwater contamination, and radioactive water leachates. He holds several degrees including a Ph.D. in geochemistry and is currently a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at a large international university.IMS Reference #5018353

  • Water Treatment Expert

    The author of over 20 scientific publications, this ion exchange resins expert has over 25 years of experience in nuclear plant chemistry control. He has worked on the development of chemical cleaning and decontamination processes, safe tritium handling practices, and the characterization of radioactive wastes for processing, storage and disposal. Currently his work is in water treatment; specifically, the testing and evaluation of ion exchange resins for industries such as nuclear, power generation, and oil and gas. He holds a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry and a B.S. in Chemistry and Physics.IMS Reference #5018352

  • Chemical Separations Expert

    This expert in ion exchange resins has worked extensively in chemical separations, including work for two of the most well known chemical companies. He also directed the development of numerous processes and materials for the treatment of radioactive wastes. His contributions include development of an ion exchange resin which is used in radioactive waste treatment, hydrometallurgy, and water polishing applications. This expert received his B.S., his Master's, and his Ph.D.IMS Reference #5018388

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