Loan Servicing Expert in HELOC Loans

Case Description:

A loan servicing expert with experience working with Home Equity Lines of Credit loans, referred to as HELOC loans, was needed to consult on breach of warranties arbitration. Plaintiff alleged the defendant failed to meet banking industry standards of care in its loan servicing as legally required of a trustee. Plaintiff had purchased majority interest in certain home equity line of credit loans with defendant retaining minimal interest but legal title as trustee.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate loan servicing experts with extensive mortgage lending experience and knowledge of the policies and procedures of servicing bank loans, specifically Home Equity Lines of Credit. The expert was needed to consult on rules and regulations pertaining to banking industry standards of loan processing and servicing.

Experts Presented:

  • Mortgage Banking

    This expert in mortgage loan servicing standards has held executive positions in loan originating, loan underwriting, loan servicing, and regulatory compliance. She has more than two decades of mortgage lending industry experience and is equally skilled in primary and secondary markets. Highly respected within the banking industry, she has the expertise to address banking standards of care. An experienced expert witness, she has appeared before both the Federal Reserve Board and the Department of Treasury on issues of regulatory compliance in the banking industry.IMS Reference #1216165

  • Mortgage Banking

    Internationally known as an expert on mortgage lending, this loan servicing expert has been working with financial institutions for well over three decades. He currently leads a financial services consulting firm providing training to financial institutions and governmental agencies. His expertise in loan servicing, including HELOC loans, is demonstrated by the multiple textbooks he's authored, some of which have been adopted as the standard for the mortgage lending industry. He is also an attorney and well versed in expert witness testimony.IMS Reference #4978328

  • Mortgage Banking

    This loan servicing expert has more than 40 years of mortgage banking industry experience and over 10 years of experience as an expert witness. His career includes executive positions with the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, referred to as Freddie Mac, and Merrill Lynch. This expert has worked with both primary and secondary markets for residential loans and been involved with loan origination, loan servicing, and securitization of loans. As an attorney and experienced testifying expert he can clearly communicate banking industry standards for mortgage lending and the responsibilities of a trustee.IMS Reference #5002394

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