Manufacturing Engineering Expert in Mechanical Drawings

Case Description:

A manufacturing engineering expert was needed to consult on issues of manufacturability for a breach of contract arbitration. The plaintiff modified vehicles for handicap accessibility and purchased distribution rights to the defendant's line of wheelchair lifts. The contract stipulated the manufacturer provide a technical data package including mechanical drawings. Plaintiff claimed the mechanical drawings provided would be insufficient to manufacture the metal parts if necessary and that therefore the defendant had breached their contract.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a manufacturing engineering experts experienced with the manufacturing of metal parts and the inherent mechanical processes involved to review the mechanical drawings. The expert was needed to consult on whether the mechanical drawings in the technical data package was sufficient to meet the requirements of the contract and whether further information would constitute providing proprietary information and potentially manufacturing trade secrets.

Experts Presented:

  • Mechanical Engineering Expert

    This manufacturing engineering expert has a degree in electrical engineering from Cal State. He spent the past 26 years in the elevator manufacturing industry, which comes under the same code as wheelchair lifts and relies on metal manufacturing. As an elevator manufacturing engineer he was heavily involved in the engineering mechanics of metal parts and design and review of mechanical drawings and technical specifications. This expert has the hands-on experience in the manufacturing business to address issues of manufacturability based on mechanical drawings. He has previous experience as an expert consultant. IMS Reference #4977795

  • Mechanical Engineering Expert

    This industrial design expert holds professional registrations in mechanical, industrial, and manufacturing engineering and has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Berkeley. He consults for a variety of industries as an industrial design expert on design for manufacturability, concurrent engineering, and mass customization of parts, including metal manufacturing. He has generated design studies and produced special production equipment for a number of clients. This expert has written and lectured expensively on flexible manufacturing and other design engineering topics but is also a hands-on engineer proficient in metal machining, welding, and mechanical drawing design and interpretation. IMS Reference #497783

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