Marketing Campaign Expert in Direct Mail

Case Description:

A marketing campaign expert with extensive knowledge of direct mail marketing campaigns was requested for a damages case in a southern state circuit court. The plaintiff was a telecommunications company offering business to business services. The plaintiff contracted with the defendant to conduct mass mailing marketing campaigns. Compensation was determined by new business from targeted direct mail customers via an assigned customer code. Claimant alleged it had overpaid the defendant after learning that the company had ceased the direct mail campaign two years prior. Defendant countered that revenue generated from the targeted direct mail customers was still attributable to its marketing campaign over that time period.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate marketing campaign experts in direct mail marketing to consult on the valuation of mass mailing marketing campaigns. Specifically, the expert was needed to address the economic benefits over time and the reasonable time period in which such a direct mail marketing campaign would achieve results. Additionally, IMS was charged with providing experts with a regional appearance and demeanor appealing to a southern jury.

Experts Presented:

  • Advertising Expert

    This marketing campaign expert is one of the best nationally-recognized names and reputations in the direct marketing industry. He has been in the discipline of direct mail since the infancy of the business; beginning his marketing career with one of the nation's largest and best-known direct marketing companies. Highly recommended by those in the advertising industry for his direct marketing expertise, this expert is a frequent litigation consultant and expert witness. His previous expert witness experience includes several economic damages cases related to advertising; all of which settled out of court. IMS Reference #4994142

  • Marketing Campaign Expert

    This marketing campaign expert has led three of the largest direct mail companies in the industry. During his career in the direct mail business he oversaw hundreds of marketing campaigns and helped build a small regional marketing agency into one of the largest in the nation. Considered one of the most strategic direct mail marketers in the business, he is a popular interview for articles on marketing campaigns and a regular speaker at industry events. A native of a southern state, this expert is very active in the community and extremely well thought of in the region. IMS Reference #4994190

  • Marketing Campaign Expert

    With a career spanning two decades, this marketing campaign expert has developed an expertise in consumer marketing campaigns, especially in the form of direct-mail. Leveraging his marketing expertise, he founded a firm dedicated to providing mass mailing solutions to a wide range of industries. He has become a nationally recognized direct-mail authority and a featured speaker at national conferences on successful direct mail marketing campaigns. While he has no expert testimony experience, he has worked as a litigation consultant on copyright infringement and economic damages cases. IMS Reference #4994126

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