Mass Tort Insurance Expert in Claims Handling

Case Description:

A mass tort insurance expert in claims handling was needed for an insurance case. The defendant, a provider of insurance products, had issued a general liability policy for the plaintiff, a corporation that later dissolved and filed for bankruptcy. The plaintiff was a defendant in the tort system because of its manufacture of asbestos-containing products. Plaintiff sought insurance coverage for various asbestos claims that had been assessed against it.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate mass tort insurance experts with experience in claims handling under general liability policies.

Experts Presented:

  • Insurance Claims Expert

    This insurance industry expert has adjusted more than 30,000 claims for over 150 companies in his 40+ years in the industry. He has experience with mass tort insurance claims, as his areas of expertise include coverage disputes, bad faith, coverage interpretation, and industry standards. He has authored publications on claims handling, and he is an experienced expert witness who has offered depositions and trial testimony on insurance industry and claims handling matters. IMS Reference #1993796

  • Insurance Expert

    This mass tort insurance expert has more than 35 years of insurance industry experience working for carriers, risk management firms, and a Big Six accounting firm. He has experience with asbestos claims and with mass tort coverage. His specialty is excess liability coverage and umbrella insurance. This expert is frequently consulted to review policy language and to make presentations to the courts on how insurance policies work and how claims are handled. He has offered expert witness services several times in the past, including on asbestos cases, one of which concerned misrepresentation of policy terms. IMS Reference #1218958

  • Claims Handling Expert

    This expert in liability claims handling has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry as a claims adjuster and attorney. His areas of expertise include product liability, insurance coverage litigation, and mass tort issues. This expert held membership in the Tort and Insurance practice section of the ABA and taught courses on liability claims handling. In addition to his courtroom experience as an attorney, he has offered trial testimony as an expert witness on a variety of matters, including a case involving asbestos claims and liability insurance. IMS Reference #1216313

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