Mechanical Design Expert in Human Factors Engineering

Case Description:

A mechanical design expert with human factors engineering expertise was needed for a patent infringement suit. The parties were manufacturers of office furniture and computer peripherals, including products utilizing ergonomic design. Plaintiff alleged the defendant infringed a patent covering the design for an articulating arm mechanism used with an ergonomic computer keyboard.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a mechanical design expert with a human factors engineering / ergonomics background or experience in the mechanical design of consumer goods. The client requested an expert with experience designing mechanical linkages to review the patent and prior art and assist with claims construction.

Experts Presented:

  • Mechanical Engineering

    This mechanical engineer has more than 35 years of experience as a professor of mechanical engineering specializing in mechanical design, bioengineering, and product design. In addition to his academic work he has maintained an active engineering consulting practice working with corporate clients on product design for medical products, computer peripherals, and office furniture. He helped create a software suite that is used in the mechanical design and analysis of mechanical linkages. This expert is a named inventor on over 25 patents and has substantial experience as an expert witness.IMS Reference #1216817

  • Design Engineering

    This expert has over 30 years of experience in mechanical design. Currently he is a professor who chairs his institution's department of mechanical engineering and directs its center for engineering design. In addition, he consults for a medical robotics company, where he oversees a team of 25 hardware and software engineers. He has authored numerous works on mechanical design and mechanical linkages and written software programs that enhance linkage design. He has offered depositions and trial testimony as a mechanical design expert witness for infringement and product liability matters.IMS Reference #5021839

  • Mechanical Engineering

    This mechanical design expert has nearly 50 years experience in the design and analysis of mechanical dynamic systems. His areas of expertise include mechanical linkage and cam design, vibrations, and machine design. He held mechanical engineering positions with a number of corporations before accepting a professorship at a private technological university. In addition to his academic career he continues to accept consultant projects as a mechanical designer for medical, automotive, and consumer products. He's published extensively on mechanical linkages and other design topics, and written expert reports for litigation as a mechanical engineering expert.IMS Reference #5021811

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