Medical Plastics Expert in Balloon Catheter Manufacture

Case Description:

A medical plastics expert knowledgeable of the manufacturing process for balloon catheters using laser bonding techniques was needed for a patent infringement case. Specifically, the patented technology claimed the laser bonding techniques used to form fluid tight seals between the catheters and their associated dilation balloons. These issues required an extensive knowledge of materials science, primarily medical plastics and laser bonding techniques.

IMS ExpertServices sought a medical plastics expert, who was familiar with the use of balloon catheters and the requisite design criteria. An expert was requested to consult on the characteristics of medical plastics specific to the laser bonding process and potentially provide expert testimony.

Experts Presented:

  • Chemical Engineering

    This chemical engineering expert has more than 30 years of experience in medical plastics, compounding, and material development in the medical device industry and 25 years of experience working in the biomedical development industry. He has experience in the application of medical plastics to medical device product and packaging development as well as polymer engineering and manufacturing operations management with healthcare companies. His credentials include issued patents, published papers and numerous technical presentations along with many products in the marketplace. One of the latest catheters utilized incompatible materials but resulted in a well bonded balloon assembly.IMS Reference #4977976

  • Medical Device Design

    This medical device design expert has a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale University. His work involves the use of medical plastics for product development and improvement of central venous catheters, pressure monitoring disposables, and pulmonary artery catheters. He has extensive knowledge of cardiovascular and neurovascular catheters. In addition, he has direct experience the use of medical plastics and medical devices including coronary stents and catheters, electrophysiology catheters, and diagnostic and therapeutic catheters.IMS Reference #5007269

  • Medical Device Engineering

    This medical device engineering expert is the president of a consulting and training firm specializing in assisting product developers in solving difficult materials joining problems in medical plastics. His dual experience and training in business and engineering make him a highly sought after consultant to industry leaders worldwide. He has substantial experience in the laser welding of medical grade polymers and working with medical device manufacturers. Today, through his own consulting firm, he assists product developers in part design, material selection, process selection, weld process development, and weld process optimization. This expert has specific medical plastics experience matching laser polymer materials. He holds a Ph.D. in ceramic science and an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering.IMS Reference #5009424

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