Merchant Services Expert in Successor Liability

Case Description:

A merchant services expert in successor liability was needed for contract arbitration. The claimant was a provider of payment processing solutions such as credit and debit cards and electronic check service. The claimant and a bank entered into an exclusive merchant services contract with successor liability. During an acquisition, another bank assumed successor liability for the contract. That bank was subsequently acquired by the defendant. Plaintiff alleged the defendant was also bound by the original contract because of successor liability, but the defendant already had an exclusive contract in place with another merchant services provider.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find merchant services experts familiar with contracts and successor liability. Experience with mergers and acquisitions in the banking industry and the subsequent disposition of contracts containing successor liability clauses was considered highly desirable.

Experts Presented:

  • Financial Services Expert

    This financial services expert has over 25 years of experience in the electronic banking industry. He consults for a strategic brain trust charged with the task of optimizing electronic delivery of financial services. Previously he served as Senior V.P. of Electronic Commerce for a large commercial bank. His work there included founding a merchant services division to return the bank to the merchant services provider business. He is familiar with mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and successor liability issues in the electronic banking industry. IMS Reference #5009934

  • Corporate Finance Expert

    This corporate finance expert is a senior partner at a firm offering accounting and litigation services. Her specializations include analysis of business and valuation issues relating to liability and damages in litigation matters and reorganization of businesses. She has worked with mergers and acquisitions and successor liability issues in banking and other industries. This expert has worked as an investment banker specializing in corporate finance. She is an experienced expert witness, having served on matters concerning partnership disputes and breach of contract. IMS Reference #5020529

  • Merchant Services Expert

    This merchant services expert has more than 29 years of experience in the industry. Currently he is president of a merchant services provider. His past experience includes management of a broad range of independent sales organizations, processors, and acquirers. His expertise includes all aspects of merchant services including sales and business development, operations, credit and risk, and service delivery. This expert earned a B.S. in business administration. He is an experienced litigation consultant, having offered depositions and trial testimony. IMS Reference #5021883

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