Modem Expert in Chip Technology

Case Description:

A modem expert was needed for an infringement dispute. The plaintiff claimed infringement of several of its patents. The defendant was a developer of digital signal processor (DSP) chips specializing in communications chip technology for network equipment. The patents involved universal modems with preloaded telephone system parameters of multiple countries and the functionality of host signal processing modems in regard to software emulation of UART (universal asynchronous receiver or transmitter).

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a team of modem experts experienced in product development or testing. The experts needed to have experience in reading patents and understand the chip technology of these patents.

Experts Presented:

  • Electrical Engineering Expert

    This electrical engineering expert has over twenty years experience in developing innovative technology. His electrical and telemetrical work includes the design of an ultrasound sensor for cardiac surgery, data telemetry systems, a satellite tracking system for receiving from satellites, hardware for the first commercial digital cellular telephone system, and communications equipment for U.S. Intelligence. He has had numerous patents issued for his inventions. Other areas of expertise include single chip microcontrollers, sensors and transducers, instrumentation, feasibility studies, and patent law. His expert witness experience includes electronic failure investigation, analysis and reconstruction, circuit analysis, prior art evaluation, expert reports, depositions, demonstrative construction, and trial testimony. IMS Reference #3434086

  • Data Communication Technology Expert

    This data communication technology expert is a co-inventor of some of the technology used in modems and has over twenty years experience as an electronic product design engineer. He is the engineering manager and principal engineer of a telecommunications product development and electronics engineering design company. His patent litigation experience includes providing technical support to a team of lawyers on patent infringement issues. He has consulted with attorneys assisting in reviewing art for a prior patent case and with a legal team on another case to evaluate patents for potential infringement. IMS Reference #3297836

  • Modem Expert

    This modem expert is experienced in the design of telecommunications equipment. His background includes the design and development of telephones, modems, fax equipment, voice messaging equipment, PBXs (private bank exchange), channel banks, DSL line cards, and VOIP and IP telephony products. He has extensive experience designing PSTN (public switched telephone network) and POTS (plain old telephone service) line modem interfaces for universal compliance. He has developed modem equipment for carriers delivering POTS, DSL, and broadband fiber services and has advanced the results of VOIP and other IP telephony products that include interfaces to PSTN and POTS terminal devices. IMS Reference #1204508

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