Mortgage Technology Expert in Settlement Processes

Case Description:

A mortgage technology expert in settlement processes was needed for a dispute regarding contract pricing. Plaintiff was a provider of mortgage industry technology products. Defendant worked on the title settlement services side of the residential mortgage industry. Defendant licensed a technology interface, which allowed it to electronically perform settlement processes to close mortgage loans, from the plaintiff. After the parties entered into the technology licensing contract, questions arose concerning pricing of the mortgage technology platform.

IMS was asked to locate mortgage technology experts who could opine on the reasonable fair market value of various bundled and unbundled aspects of the technology platform. An expert who’d been involved with integration of technology into the mortgage settlement process for 10 or more years was desired.

Experts Presented:

  • Mortgage Banking Expert

    This expert has more than 31 years of operations and technology experience in the mortgage industry. Currently he presides over a consulting firm offering bundled and standalone technology platforms and services to mortgage bankers. He has significant knowledge of the functionality and pricing of most mortgage industry technology products, including those that automate settlement processes, and has designed and built such products himself. He recently conducted an impact study on bundled mortgage technology services for a mortgage banking client. He is an experienced expert witness and litigation consultant. IMS Reference #4977575

  • Real Estate Finance

    This expert has been dedicated to the establishment of new technology and business process solutions within the mortgage industry for more than 17 years. He has a broad mortgage technology background and is recognized as an industry expert in real estate cash flow management. He consults for many of the most familiar names in real estate and has extensive experience in real estate finance, operations, information systems management and mortgage industry technology design, development and implementation. IMS Reference #497759

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