Mutual Fund Expert in Economic Damages Analysis

Case Description:

A mutual fund expert experienced in the analysis of economic damages was needed for allegations of late trading. The defendant was being investigated by several regulatory bodies for allegations of mutual fund late trading, a practice whereby hedge funds and other favored investors are permitted to obtain the day's closing price on orders placed after hours.

IMS Expert Services was asked to locate a mutual fund industry expert with an understanding of late trading, market timing, straight profit analysis and dilution analysis, as well as experience with economic damages analysis in the securities industry. Our client indicated that a superstar economist was needed.

Experts Presented:

  • Securities

    This expert financial analyst has held various economist positions in the federal government and the private sector, including the position of chief economist with the CFTC, or U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He's been the recipient of presidential appointments and directed a think tank on financial markets. This expert has published and lectured extensively on securities, mutual fund markets, efficiency issues, and minimizing damages in banking and finance. He has worked as an expert witness, most recently on a telecommunications merger case.IMS Reference #4996194

  • Financial Analyst

    This mutual funds expert is a researcher on information assimilation, liquidity, security offerings, and mutual funds. His work on how information is incorporated into security prices is internationally recognized and has had a significant impact on the practice of finance. He produced a study documenting errors in mutual fund pricing and the resulting economic damages for the Securities and Exchange Commission. This expert has published his financial research in the leading academic and trade journals. He's been a financial analyst in the private sector and taught finance and securities market classes at university.IMS Reference #4996216

  • Mutual Fund

    This mutual fund expert has conducted research on topics such as portfolio risk and fair value of market pricing, and has analyzed the trading decisions of mutual fund managers. Currently he serves as research director of a consulting firm that advises mutual fund managers on managing daily liquidity needs. This expert is considered a leading authority on the practices and costs associated with mutual fund trading. He previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.IMS Reference #4996212

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