Oil Pipeline Expert in Flow Sensors

Case Description:

An oil pipeline expert in flow sensors and instrumentation was needed for a damages case involving structural failure and fluid dynamics. The plaintiff provided electric service to more than half a million homes and businesses. The defendant provided terminaling services for petroleum products. A pipeline owned by the plaintiff and operated by the defendant ruptured, causing an oil spill. At issue was the cause of the rupture. The oil was being pumped in the reverse direction of its usual fluid flow, causing the pipe to be exposed to higher temperatures than usual at the point of failure.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate oil pipeline experts with deep knowledge of flow sensors and other oil pipeline instrumentation. The expert was needed to opine on operating parameters, calibration requirements, and effects of noncompliance for oil pipeline flow sensors.

Experts Presented:

  • Systems Design Expert

    This oil pipeline expert is a registered professional engineer who has designed numerous pipeline facilities as a systems design expert, utilizing a variety of flow sensors and instrumentation designs. He has served as an officer in the pipeline section of his local Instrument Society of America, or ISA, chapter. This expert has previous experience investigating a similar pipeline incident for a large energy company. He reviewed the pipeline system and performed failure analysis for possible causations of failure. He has served as an expert witness for a number of matters. His clients speak very highly of his presentation and communication skills. IMS Reference #4686371

  • Fluid Mechanics Expert

    This flow sensor expert is a recognized authority in the field of fluid mechanics and computer applications. He has completed over 80 pipeline and terminaling projects, and authored a book and numerous articles on oil and gas production, pipeline engineering, and computer modeling. He teaches courses on surge analysis and multiphase flow in pipelines and pipe network systems. This expert founded a company that specializes in application software development and project consulting for the oil and gas industry. Projects include oil pipeline design, production engineering, and surge analysis to confirm pipeline and flow sensor compliance. IMS Reference #468988

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