Packaging Engineering Expert - Consumer Product Design

Case Description:

A packaging engineering expert in consumer product package design was needed for a patent infringement case. The parties manufactured perishable food items. Plaintiff alleged the defendant infringed on one of its food packaging patents. The patent claimed a method of manufacturing packaging for consumable products which allowed for individual dispensing.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to place a packaging engineering expert with experience in consumer product package design. Our client required an expert with significant consumer packaging industry experience and an advanced degree in either chemistry or mechanical engineering who could opine on the structure and functionality of the product design at issue.

Experts Presented:

  • Product Design

    This product design expert has been designing packaging for consumer products for over 30 years. An M.S. in chemical engineering, he works with both flexible and rigid structures in plastic, paper and composite packaging technologies as well as the materials that form the foundation of these package types. His broad industry experience includes leading engineering R&D efforts for a number of packaging industry companies specializing in product design for food and other consumer products packaging. This expert served as the package engineering lead for one firm where his duties included patent review.IMS Reference #5008626

  • Packaging Engineering

    This packaging engineering expert has more than 35 years of package industry experience. With degrees in chemistry and food science, this expert has applied physical chemistry, computer modeling, and scientific principles to improve shelf life and protection of consumer products as well as product distribution through his packaging designs. He has designed packaging for new products and reduced costs for existing packaging. A lecturer who consults for a global clientele to improve packaging and assure compliance, he has also served as an expert witness on a number of occasions.IMS Reference #5008590

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