Patent Law Expert in Claim Construction

Case Description:

A patent law expert in claims construction was needed for infringement analysis. The parties were providers of tools and services that relied upon aerial survey and digital imaging to provide mapping and visual data to an array of industries. The parties agreed to have a patent law expert conduct an analysis of a patent’s claims in order to opine on whether one party had infringed upon the other’s patent.

IMS was asked to locate a patent attorney with extensive experience in claim construction and infringement analysis. An expert in patent law familiar with the technology used in digital, oblique aerial imaging or similar technology was sought.

Experts Presented:

  • Patent Law Expert

    This patent law expert earned his law degree at an ivy league school and clerked for a state Supreme Court Justice. He holds a bar membership in the USPTO. He’s written and successfully prosecuted patent applications in a number of fields concerning digital imagery, satellites, and electronics. He’s very familiar with the processes of claim construction and has published on the topic of legal protection of electronic inventions. He authored and brought to fruition a patent covering satellite imagery that is referenced in the patent under consideration in this case. IMS Reference #4982008

  • Patent Law Expert

    This expert in patent law holds a law degree and is registered to practice before the USPTO. He is experienced in all areas of intellectual property law, including patent claim construction. He spent over 10 years in the military where he worked on space-based intelligence gathering assets that relied on technologies similar to those at question in this case. As a patent attorney, this expert has completed roughly 45 right to practice opinions, 175 patentability reports/opinions, 15 written non-infringement opinions, and 25 infringement opinions. IMS Reference #4994867

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