Patent Valuation Expert in Software Industry

Case Description:

A patent valuation expert was sought to consult on economic damages for a bankruptcy case. The defendants entered into a venture capital arrangement, investing millions in the patents in question. The plaintiff alleged money laundering, claiming the defendants used the technology investment as a shell to fraudulently transfer money. The client sought an expert's opinion regarding patent valuation to determine if the transactions were reasonable and fair.

IMS ExpertServices™ was asked to locate a patent valuation expert with a software industry background to evaluate the patents in question from a venture capital perspective. The expert was required to have extensive intangible asset valuation knowledge and intellectual property experience.

Experts Presented:

  • Patent Valuation

    This patent valuation expert has more than 13 years of experience in the valuation of intellectual property and specifically in providing patent valuation for venture capital transactions. He has worked for such notable companies as Ford Motor Company and Charles River Associates. He has valued IP-centric companies for the purpose of determining the appropriateness of an investment by venture capital and private equity investors on numerous occasions. He is also an electrical engineer with 5 years of software development experience and holds both a B.S.E.E. and an M.B.A.IMS Reference #5007369

  • Intellectual Property Valuation

    This intellectual property valuation expert is a valuation services professional assisting clients in valuing intangible assets and in developing and implementing strategies and processes for managing IP portfolios. He has consulted on a wide variety of engagements involving patent valuation and determining economic damages in commercial litigation. He has worked with the largest consulting company in the country focused on IP valuation and litigation and has extensive experience managing intangible assets in the software industry.IMS Reference #5007358

  • Valuation Analysis

    With more than 20 years of experience working with attorneys, accountants, and business executives in the areas of valuation analysis, litigation support, business strategy, technology strategy, and capital formation, this patent valuation expert currently leads the Intellectual Property division of a forensic services company. He has both venture capital and software industry experience, having begun his professional career in the venture capital industry before becoming president of a software development and systems integration firm. He has provided expert testimony on liability and damage issues in various commercial disputes.IMS Reference #5015358

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