Petroleum Engineering Expert in Drilling Rigs

Case Description:

A petroleum engineering expert with experience designing drilling rigs was needed for a patent infringement action. The plaintiff manufactured and sold drilling rigs used in the exploration and production of hydrocarbon reserves. The defendant was an oil and gas industry company engaged in domestic and international contract drilling. The defendant asserted that the plaintiff was infringing on two of its patents for a mobile drilling rig.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a petroleum engineering expert with significant experience in the design and operation of drilling rigs and with some experience with patent cases.

Experts Presented:

  • Petroleum Engineering Expert

    This petroleum engineering expert has more than 30 years of experience designing oil rigs and drilling platforms. He began his career designing offshore drilling platforms for the petroleum industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Later he became chief structural engineer for a company that designed workover and drilling rigs. He managed product engineering for another firm where he was instrumental in developing mobile drilling, workover, and well-servicing rigs. The expert is the named inventor of two patents for collapsible and mobile drilling rigs. He has expert witness experience including depositions and trial testimony as a petroleum industry expert witness. IMS Reference #5003232

  • Structural Engineering Expert

    This structural engineer has over 45 years of experience designing drilling equipment for the petroleum industry. He spent many years managing engineering groups that specialized in product design and development, manufacturing and field service of oil well drilling rigs and earth boring equipment. He has supervised development of a product line of drilling equipment that included derricks, masts, substructures and trailer mounted drilling rigs. This expert is a patent holder who's been responsible for the design of shaft drilling rigs and big-hole drilling tools. He has been deposed and offered expert witness testimony at trial as a consultant for the petroleum industry. IMS Reference #5003631

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