Pharmaceutical Marketing Expert for Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

Case Description:

IMS ExpertServices was tasked with locating a pharmaceutical marketing expert to review the pharmaceutical marketing strategy for a female hormone replacement therapy drug in a breach of contract case. A pharmaceutical manufacturer contracted with the US subsidiary of an international chemical and pharmaceutical group to help them market and promote their female hormone replacement drug.

At some point, the pharmaceutical manufacturer became dissatisfied with the performance of the marketing campaign and cancelled the agreement. The drug company sought to understand the long term financial benefit conveyed, if any, by the marketing work which was performed in order to determine appropriate compensation. The promotional campaign primarily addressed three main marketing channels: direct to consumer, physicians' office visits, and working with medical thought leaders.

Experts Presented:

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing

    This pharmaceutical marketing expert has more than 25 years experience in marketing and business development management in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. She was Executive Vice President and cofounder of a biopharmaceutical licensing and investment company. Previously, she held management positions in market research, product management, strategic marketing and planning, and business development in both the U.S. and abroad. She has expertise in hormone replacement therapies, which requires special marketing efforts. This expert received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science. IMS Reference #3213409

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing

    This pharmaceutical marketing expert founded a pharmaceutical marketing strategy firm which consults with clients to assess new technologies and to market and develop creative business strategies. In this role she uses her proven record of commercializing new drugs, medical devices and diagnostics. She combines a strong understanding of technology with an inherent sense of what it takes for new products to succeed in the marketplace. She assists clients in developing product launches and pharmaceutical marketing strategies based on market research. IMS Reference #3215150

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy

    This pharmaceutical marketing strategy expert received his Ph.D. in Marketing and is currently Professor of Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy where he teaches in the Executive Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategy MBA Programs. He is widely published in industry journals both in the United States and internationally. His research interests include pharmaceutical marketing strategy, product management, promotion and advertising, pricing, managed care, and public policy. IMS Reference #3217044

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