Pharmaceutical Sciences Expert in Drug Formulation

Case Description:

A pharmaceutical sciences expert was sought for antitrust litigation involving a pharmaceutical product formulation for an oncology therapy. The plaintiff was a competitor in the pharmaceutical industry and specialized in researching and developing new pharmaceutical therapies. The plaintiff manufactured an oral or aqueous formulation of an oncology drug. The plaintiff claimed that insurance companies were manipulating the market by withholding reimbursement for oncologists and patients using their formulation of the drug thereby discouraging its use.

IMS ExpertServices provided pharmaceutical science experts with a background in drug formulation and pharmacological research. The expert was needed to consult on the benefits of each formulation of the oncology drug and its pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties.

Experts Presented:

  • Pharmaceutical Science Expert

    This pharmaceutical sciences expert has been an instructor and researcher in pharmaceutical sciences for twelve years. For the past eleven years he has taught formulation development including syrups, capsules and tablets. He has written a book that addresses pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in drug formulations. He is familiar with difficulties in getting insurance reimbursement on new drug therapies. This expert is listed as an inventor on several drug delivery method patents. He has previously worked as an expert witness on one other case. IMS Reference #4937873

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Expert

    With more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sciences, this pharmaceutical industry expert specializes in drug delivery and formulation. He is currently director of research at a large university's drug delivery center. He is often asked to consult to major pharmaceutical companies. His areas of expertise include formulations, pharmacological benefits, and market intelligence on pharmaceutical products. This expert has worked approximately ten times as an expert witness and has given deposition testimony once. IMS Reference #492836

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