Polymer Chemistry Expert in Medical Grade Plastics

Case Description:

A polymer chemistry expert in medical grade plastics was needed for a breach of contract case. A medical products manufacturer alleged negligent misrepresentation against its supplier of thermal plastic films for providing an unsuitable polyethylene film. The polyethylene film, used to produce medical fluid containers, differed in chemical composition and manufacturing process from the plastic film approved by the client.

IMS ExpertServices sought a polymer chemistry expert with extensive expertise in the production, testing and quality control processes of manufacturing polyethylene using the cast extrusion process. The expert was also needed to be knowledgeable regarding the selection, purchase and use of resins for manufacturing polyethylene film in general and specifically for use in medical products.

Experts Presented:

  • Chemical Engineering

    This polymer chemistry expert is the holder of twelve medical plastics patents. He is a leading independent consultant in the medical plastics industry with a thorough understanding of both polymer chemistry and engineering. His clients include Dow Chemical Company, Baxter Healthcare Corp., Abbott Laboratories, and many others. He has direct experience with specific processes related to the manufacturing of films and the fabrication of those films into medical fluid containers. He also has wide experience in the selection of the appropriate polymers for medical device applications. This expert has been deposed three times. IMS Reference #4977976

  • Polymer Chemistry

    This expert in polymer chemistry is a part time professor of chemical engineering who performs technical consulting on plastics processes and product development. He has expertise in the analytical tests for polymers and films and has worked closely on the development of a specialized polymeric film for personal hygiene use. This expert received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. in Engineering Science from Yale. IMS Reference #4977989

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