Polypropylene Expert for Market Valuation

Case Description:

A polypropylene expert was needed to provide market valuation services in the dissolution of a business partnership in the petrochemical industry. Two large corporations formed a research and development limited liability company that manufactured polypropylene, a common polyolefin. The plaintiff wished to dissolve the partnership, while the defendant wanted to continue its operations under a receiver. An expert was required to offer analysis of the current and future polypropylene industry to assist in valuing the partnership.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find an expert in the polypropylene industry. The expert was asked to opine on the current status of the polypropylene industry regarding profitability, normal industry management practices, marketing and sales practices, market factors, and the polypropylene industry's likely input and output feedstock for the next five years.

Experts Presented:

  • Polypropylene Expert

    This petrochemical engineering expert specializes in the design and economics of polyolefins including polypropylene. He helped create the manufacturing process for homopolymer polypropylene resin and was part of the design team for a copolymer plant. He has promoted and licensed new polypropylene technologies. This expert has over 38 years of polypropylene industry experience, is a registered professional engineer, and a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He has experience offering testimony as a polypropylene industry analyst. IMS Reference #5017949

  • Polymer Chemistry Expert

    This polyolefin expert has more than 25 years of petrochemical experience, with 21 years related to analysis of markets and technologies for polyolefins, including polypropylene. This expert has consulted for the major polyolefin producers on industry trends. He's advised clients on polypropylene end uses, global production issues, and issues surrounding expansion of the polypropylene market. He is experienced in industry analysis for polypropylene and other polyolefins including technology, manufacturing costs, and needs analysis of the major end users. This expert has assisted several organizations in selecting the right polypropylene license and has participated in several polyolefin related cases. IMS Reference #2988999

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