POS Transaction Expert in Card Authorization Terminals

Case Description:

A POS transaction expert was needed for a product liability case involving card authorization terminals at retail locations. POS, or point of sale, systems are credit and debit card processing terminals for transaction processing such as credit card authorization or debit card processing of immediate payment. The card authorization terminals allegedly processed multiple transactions resulting in fraudulent charges.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a banking industry expert with experience in POS transaction processing. The expert would be asked to consult on how POS terminals read the cards, determine if the card is a debit or credit card and process that information.

Experts Presented:

  • Financial Technology

    This financial technology expert has 40 years of experience developing, marketing, and implementing advanced financial technology for banks and brokers. He has extensive experience in the design of credit authorization systems. He has consulted on and helped to develop POS transaction card authorization systems for clients including JP Morgan Securities Inc, Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, Citicorp and American Express. He is a member of several prominent engineering and electronics associations. This expert has served as an expert witness on eight previous cases regarding transaction processing and banking technology issues including testimony in deposition and at trial. IMS Reference #5003760

  • POS Transaction

    This expert on POS transaction technology is an eighteen-year veteran of the electronic funds transfer, or EFT industry. He has extensive experience in the delivery of electronic convenience to retail customers. His current position involves providing POS transaction and EFT services which include ATM, POS and EBT, credit and debit authorization and ACH services. His industry experience has been in Information Technology such as local area network, wide area network, IT security and technology integration for financial institutions. IMS Reference #5003682

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