Power Converter Expert in Computer Electronics

Case Description:

A power converter expert in computer electronics was needed for a patent infringement suit. The parties were both suppliers of power management and security components for the computer, networking, communications, and consumer and industrial electronics industries. The plaintiff alleged that the defendant infringed patents covering a zero voltage switching technique for AC power converters.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a power converter expert, preferably with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering or computer science. The client requested an expert with witness testimony experience, preferably someone with a Texas background or strong association with Texas.

Experts Presented:

  • Computer Technology Expert

    This power converter expert serves as a consultant in computer electrical engineering. His clients have included Boeing, Primex Aerospace and the Federal Aviation Administration. He has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has taught university-level power electronics courses on circuits and pulsed power in Texas. He has previous expert witness experience, including testifying in patent infringement litigation.IMS Reference #5001337

  • Power Converter Expert

    This power converter expert specializes in power electronic converters, power quality, adjustable-speed drives, hybrid electric vehicles and renewables. She is a university professor in electrical and computing engineering. Her research focuses on system compatibility, ensuring that operations continue through typical power quality disturbances. Current research interests include power electronic converters, power quality, adjustable speed drive, or ASD, ride through, and applying ASDs to AC motors. She earned her Ph.D. in electrical engineering with an emphasis in power electronics from a Texas university, and oversees a large power motor testing laboratory. This expert has presented testimony both in deposition and at trial.IMS Reference #5001412

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