Predatory Pricing Expert in Monopolization Pre-Litigation

Case Description:

A predatory pricing expert was needed for a monopolization pre-litigation matter. The plaintiff was a ready mix concrete company. The defendants were ready mix concrete competitors who offered concrete products to the same metropolitan area as the plaintiff. At issue in this pre-litigation matter was whether or not predatory pricing was used to monopolize the ready mix concrete industry.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a predatory pricing expert with comprehensive knowledge of the theories of monopolization and predatory pricing in the U.S. market. This expert needed to have a Ph.D. in economics, a background in antitrust and prior testimony experience. The expert would analyze information relative to the geographic area, market, and industry and opine on whether or not a predatory pricing case should be pursued.

Experts Presented:

  • Forensic Economics Expert

    This predatory pricing expert has an AB, MA, and Ph.D. in Economics. He is an associate professor of economics and an independent forensic economics consultant. He specializes in antitrust, monopolization, business litigation and civil tort. He previously worked as a staff economist for the Federal Trade Commission. He has significant expert witness experience and has served on predatory pricing cases. This expert has assisted in the preparation of various appeal briefs, consulted on strategy, evaluated the market and theory of cases, prepared affidavits and developed and delivered expert testimony at deposition and trial. IMS Reference #5034347

  • Predatory Pricing Expert

    This predatory pricing expert has over 30 years of economics experience. He is a professor of economics and has authored numerous publications on predatory pricing. He has been an antitrust economics consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. He is an experienced expert witness and has delivered deposition and trial testimony and provided expert reports. This expert served on a predatory pricing case between two airlines. He has an MA and Ph.D. in Economics from an Ivy League University. IMS Reference #5034278

  • Microeconomics Expert

    This predatory pricing expert is an economic consultant who has calculated lost profits in monopolization. He has performed market definition analyses in monopoly and monopsony cases. As an adjunct professor, this expert taught courses in price theory, microeconomics and macroeconomics. He has an MA and Ph.D. in Economics from a Texas university. He has substantial expert witness experience. He has given both trial and deposition testimony and provided analysis of anticompetitive marketing practices and econometric estimation for predatory pricing cases. IMS Reference #5034045

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