Quality Assurance Expert in Pharmaceutical Products

Case Description:

A quality assurance expert in pharmaceutical products was needed for insurance litigation. The plaintiff was the insurance company for a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The defendant was a provider of transportation, warehousing, and distribution services. Plaintiff claimed that a portion of a shipment of pharmaceutical products was damaged because of exposure to water, temperature variations, and forklift damage during processing.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to find a quality assurance expert with at least 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry who had experience with quality control and product handling for similar products. The expert was asked to opine on shipping requirements for this type of pharmaceutical product and other related issues.

Experts Presented:

  • Quality Assurance

    This quality assurance expert is a registered professional engineer with more than three decades of experience in quality assurance for the pharmaceutical industry. He spent most of his career with the same global healthcare company, growing from local management to C-level management. He took on increasing levels of responsibility in quality assurance management for the company's hospital products and pharmaceutical products divisions before being named corporate chief engineer. This expert is familiar with all aspects of pharmaceutical quality assurance including manufacturing, transporting, warehousing, and distribution, and has experience with pharmaceutical products similar to those at issue in this case. IMS Reference #4878901

  • Pharmaceutical Sales

    This expert in pharmaceutical sales is president and COO of a company that develops and distributes medical and pharmaceutical products. He is responsible for R&D, engineering, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution activities for a pharmaceutical product similar to the one at issue in the case. Previously he served in an executive role at another medical product supplier. He oversaw a significant growth in distribution channels, resulting in a revenue increase of almost 500% for the company. This expert is deeply familiar with R&D, marketing, quality assurance, and product control issues for pharmaceutical products. IMS Reference #4871774

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