Real Estate Financing Expert for Breach of Contract Case

Case Description:

A real estate financing expert was sought for a breach of contract case involving the construction of a mixed residential and commercial complex and an action to quiet title. At issue in the case was a multi-million dollar sale of the property which was alleged to be a fraudulent refinancing of the construction loan. The real estate financing deal was alleged to be a transfer of the property between two companies owned by the same corporation.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to locate a real estate financing expert with in-depth experience in the commercial mortgage and refinancing field. The expert was requested to sort through the issues of quiet title, contractual obligations of the commercial development agreement, and allegations of bad faith, and consult on the specific relationships of the parties involved in the commercial mortgage refinancing.

Experts Presented:

  • Financial Services

    This real estate financing expert has experience in commercial mortgage lending obtained during his financial institution & real estate lending career including being a president, CEO and director of financial institutions for 17 years. Both as a banker and as an expert witness, he has worked on financings, bond issues and affordable housing issues. He has worked on over 150 cases and has prepared reports and given sworn testimony. IMS Reference #1216965

  • Real Estate Finance

    This real estate financing has more than 27 years of experience in real estate financing transactions and has developed specialties in commercial, retail, industrial and single and multi-family financing. He has served as both a consultant and an expert witness in many real estate litigation matters and has provided opinions and testified in cases involving bankruptcy, plans of reorganization, real estate financing, property valuation, project feasibility, lending policy and loan approval issues. IMS Reference #4993004

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