Real Estate Law Expert in Judgment Liens

Case Description:

A real estate law expert was needed for a case alleging legal malpractice and negligence for failing to properly process a judgment lien. As part of a legal settlement, jointly owned real estate was to be sold and the proceeds split evenly between both parties. However, the defendant, plaintiff's attorney, allegedly did not properly file and record documents necessary to perfect a judgment lien as defined by real estate law. As a result the plaintiff didn’t receive any of the proceeds.

IMS ExpertServices was asked to provide a real estate law expert with strong experience on cases where real estate was part of a settlement. The expert needed knowledge of the proper procedures associated with perfecting judgment liens against real property to protect the interests of related parties.

Experts Presented:

  • Real Estate Law Expert

    This real estate law expert has been practicing law for more than forty years, the majority working on business and real estate litigation and transactions. His practice has also included work on cases where substantial real estate judgments have been part of the settlements. This expert has published extensively on legal malpractice and other topics and has substantial experience as a legal malpractice expert witness. IMS Reference #4994225

  • Real Estate Law Expert

    This expert in real estate law has over two decades of experience as a licensed real estate lawyer. He acquired his real estate licence to bolster his knowledge of sales, refinancing and residential and commercial property as part of his legal practice. This expert has extensive experience with real property divisions and judgment liens. IMS Reference #4994234

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