Records Management Expert in Competitive Intelligence

Case Description:

A records management expert with competitive intelligence experience in the pharmaceutical industry was needed for a Freedom of Information Act case. During its pharmaceutical development the defendant sought to obtain competitive intelligence and filed a request for research reports with the National Cancer Institute under the Freedom of Information Act. The Information Management department at the National Cancer Institute denied the request, stating the records had been destroyed.

IMS ExpertServices provided records management experts with a background in medical records retention. The expert was needed to consult on records management regulations as they relate to competitive intelligence.

Experts Presented:

  • Information Sciences

    This records management expert has spent his career in the information industry at the intersection of biochemistry and the information sciences. His firm supplies competitive intelligence and market research to the biotech industry. He is considered a pharmaceutical industry expert in regulatory laws for biochemical and medical records management. He has published on biomedical technology and biotechnology and is very familiar with information management at agencies such as the NIH. This expert's knowledge of pharmaceutical competitive intelligence was considered particularly pertinent to the case.IMS Reference #5009031

  • Regulatory Compliance

    With more than 30 years of experience in medical information management, this records management expert is an expert on state and national regulations regarding records management and information lifecycles, particularly for cancer patients and cancer treatments. She worked for the National Cancer Institute in data management and has consulted for numerous organizations regarding regulatory compliance policies and processes for medical records management, including retention schedules. Her experience includes information management consulting for hospitals and medical software vendors. IMS Reference #5009025

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